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Raison d'être ~ i am a photographer, a mother, a daughter and a friend... i need sunshine and chocolate popsicles, my friends and my freedom.
my son is my hero and i adore my mother,
i love ladybugs and i am afraid of bats. my favourite comfort food is kraft dinner. i change my hairstyle all the time – just because i can. i crave order and seek adventure, i drink too much coffee, which i always make in a bodum and i use my good crystal everyday. i love all things Christmas. as much as i practice i cannot whistle
but i can hum a mean tune.

i love to cuddle with my puppy on a rainy Sunday afternoon and watch my adorable cats run and play. i have loved and lost and learned to love again – real love, fill you up and make your heart sing love. i dream of Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes. i love singing in the car on one of my infamous road trips. i love to bake cookies. i am a girly girl with a mad obsession for make-up, but rarely wear dresses.

i love morning dew on the grass and bare feet, willow trees and collecting rocks. i love fresh flowers and long for a garden. i am a collector of glassware and can spend hours at a thrift store. i cry – when i’m happy, when i’m sad and every time i watch the movie ET. i love all things retro including my favourite granny rocker.

i secretly wish i was a race car driver and i always hug those i love.i can spend hours with my camera in hand and see everything as though i was
looking through my lens.
i am finally me in this world
Mickie Easby
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